Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why Does Desiree Do It?

Desiree's profile in her online jewelry boutique, Desiree Designs, reads like the beginning of a fascinating book:

"I'm from New Mexico originally, the child of flower children but adopted by a Catholic schoolteacher."

I'm featuring Desiree today as a thank you for putting my Red & Pink Delight Crimson Rose Handknit Scarf in her Red, Sexy, Fabulous or Fascinating treasury, with alluring images ranging from the subtle to blatant--in a good way!

One thing I'm always interested in when discovering a new artist is what drives or inspires them to create (most of us are BOTH driven AND inspired, lol). Desiree explains:

The earring craze began after giving up on Cheap Crap...I used to love that I could buy several pairs at once for so little... but they always fell apart and were made from questionable metals that made my skin turn green... so I decided to make my own, using better materials (no base metal!) and my own aesthetic, honed in many years of beading, macrame and other self-decorative arts."

Thank you, Desiree, for living your dream!

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