Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jessie McCann, Goddess in Her Own Right

At our house, we watch a LOT of Wonder Woman. I mean a LOT! You'll also find Wonder Woman action figures, comic books, hardcover books, etc, etc. She's one of Nicky's all-time favorite superheroes, and I'm a huge fan, too (especially of the Linda Carter T.V. series)!

So our little hearts thrill to the sound of Wonder Woman's signature battle call-out, "Hera, give me strength!"

Now that you know that little tidbit about our family, you'll imagine my delight when I was going through the Treasuries Section on Etsy (Your place to buy & sell all things handmade) and came across a new Mauve Beautiful collection from Jessie McCann.

Thanks, Jessie, for including my A Rose is a Rose Pink Handknit Scarf, that's what caught my attention about your feminine, soft and pretty collection of rose, mauve & pink items!

Still wondering what this has to do with Wonder Woman?? Well, Jessie's online jewelry boutique is full of voluptuous, cool-headed, assertive pieces named after goddesses such as Hera, Artemis and one of my favorites, Athena! So as soon as I saw her simple, elegant pieces (some pictured here), I got all happy because the Hera design made me think of Wonder Woman! A look into my circuitous mind, hee hee. ;)

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