Friday, September 4, 2009

Hottie Handbags Is Where It's At! ;)

I've found a new friend in Susan of Hottie Handbags! She's an animal rescuer like me, she's really nice, she's a great communicator and she's super talented (check out her handbags in the photos below--what detail...and I love her fabric choices!).

Here's a little bit more about Susan's design- and texture-rich handbag accessories:

WELCOME TO HOTTIE HANDBAGS: Handmade Purses with an Attitude!

When you purchase a Hottie Handbag at the online boutique or by custom order, you will receive a one-of-a-kind piece of fabric art designed especially for you. You will own a handbag you can enjoy and are proud to carry with your favorite outfits. Hottie's bags are both fun AND functional.

All items are gift wrapped and include a small token of Hottie Handbags' appreciation for your business.

I know you have many choices out there ... thank you for choosing Hottie Handbags!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Super Fringie: Double Size Fringed Yarn Blanket Photo Prop

Mollie Kendall rocks my Super Bohemian Fringie yarn photo prop!Mollie Kendall Photography puts a perfect baby atop my Super Bohemian Fringie!

Care & Use of Your Super Fringie Photo Prop
By Celeste (Crickets), Fringies Designer & Creator

Thank you for choosing my double size Super Fringies for your portrait photography business! This post shares some great ways to get the most use out of your new photography prop.

Stephanie Neal Photography's wonderful depiction of my Super Oatmeal Fringie design...perfect baby not included!  ;PStephanie Neal Photography's wonderful depiction of my Super Oatmeal Fringie design...perfect baby not included!

Your Super Fringie will arrive folded and possibly a bit compressed from its journey; you may be surprised by how small it seems at first! Remove it from its packaging, carefully unfold and gently shake, fluff and finger-comb, combing with the fingers of one hand while (optional) stabilizing the center seam with the other (it’s kind of like caring for a very colorful wig)!

Shelly Dibble of Storybook Photography spreads her Bohemian Super Fringie into a 2 feet x 4 feet, sheepskin-sized oval

I find the easiest way to keep the Super Fringie untangled is to carry it by the seam. So, if I were to move it, I would slide one of my hands/forearms under the seam and lift the Super Fringie so that it lays on my forearm (draped kind of like a towel on a waiter's arm in a fancy restaurant).

Spreading your Super Fringie out into an oval shape allows for maximum coverage, giving two feet of additional length (one foot of fringe will extend past each end of the center seam). Your Super Fringie is approximately 2 feet x 2 feet until it’s spread out in an oval; then it grows to 2 feet x 4 feet. This technique is especially helpful to create a “halo” of color all around your subject. Lay the Fringie down in its rectangular shape and then spread out either side of fringe like a fan into a semi-circle, so that it will create an oval. Here’s a picture that shows the seam and how the yarn is arranged:

It’s helpful to pat and jiggle the thick yarn at the center of the “fans” to spread it out toward the ends, and to finger-comb the yarns into place, combing with the fingers of one hand while stabilizing the center seam with the other. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Typically, the baby’s spine will lie along the (comfortable) center seam. Here’s an example from Heather Bridge Photography:

Another option is to use a basket in conjunction with a Super Fringie as in this image by Kayleen Feil Photography:

First, drape the Super Fringie over the front side of the basket like a towel hanging to dry (with the center seam parallel to the lip of the basket). Then, if you like, bring some fringe to the back, inner wall of the basket.

To store your Super Fringie away from dust or pet dander, either drape it over a pants hanger and hang in a closet, or carefully fold and store on a covered shelf or in plastic.

Super Fringies are stain and wear resistant. For occasional spot cleaning, hand wash in cool water with mild soap. Do not wring (gentle squeezing is okay, please do not twist). Dry flat (or blow dry on cool setting).

For photos & ideas with the newborn sized Fringie (half as large as the Super Fringie), please click here

To contact me with questions, please visit my online boutique

Here's a fun gallery of pics of the Super Fringie in use from some of my cherished customers (I welcome watermarked photos emailed to me at

Hilarye Schoyt: I love your photography of baby J with my Super Bohemian Fringie!Hilarye Schoyt: I love your photography of baby J with my Super Bohemian Fringie!

Cassie Gillespie of CLG Photography got her basket in the garden section of Hobby Lobby and paired it beautifully with my Oatmeal Super Fringie

Jamie Rogers Photography shows off some inventive color manipulation and post processing with my Bohemian Super Fringie

I love the warmth and chemistry in this image by Photography by Patrice with twins and my Oatmeal Super Fringie

Photography by Patrice uses a sheepskin as a bed and my Oatmeal Super Fringie as a blanket!

Here Trudy Holtz Photography snaps newborn Gus nestled in the arms of his parents with the Rainbow Super Fringie as a swaddling "blanket"

Two fun pics from Rae Leytham of a wiggly baby and my Oatmeal Super Fringie

Boston Terrier pup Noah looks comfy in this image by Amy Wilson at Capturing Smiles with my Bohemian Super Fringie

Tracy Joy Photography did such a great job with these images of the Christmas Super Fringie!

Rainbow SUPER Fringie - Double Size Fringed Photo Prop Blanket - Baby Images by Morgalis PhotographyEmily Morgalis' treatment of my Super Rainbow Fringie

Gina Cristine Photography n my Super Bohemian FringieThe wonderful Gina Cristine Photography with my Super Bohemian Fringie

Jennifer Burns Photography, my Super Rainbow Fringie, sweet babyJennifer Burns Photography, my Super Rainbow Fringie and a sweet baby

Ann Easterling Photography took this amazing pic with my Super Oatmeal Fringie photo prop and her darling Madison!Ann Easterling Photography took this amazing pic with my Super Oatmeal Fringie photo prop and her darling Madison!

Thank you again for your support, I'll end with this fun photo from Kelli Klosowski of Limesmile Images with the Rainbow Super Fringie used as a little mat!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

7 Course Mother's Day Vegan Dinner from Nicky!

I really got spoiled for Mother's Day this year; my husband Nicky made me a 7 course, vegan dinner (in addition to presenting me with a card, a bag of my favorite Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos and my fave Harry Potter movie, Goblet of Fire)! You see, since we just got married last month, this is the first year that I've been an "official" stepmom! I missed the kids more than ever on Mother's Day, of course. That part was kind of sad, but the day was made happy by Nicky taking such good care of me. Would you like to see pictures and read about it? :)

He seated me at the table (complete with cloth napkins!) and wouldn't let me do a thing while he brought out first some exceedingly convincing vegan shrimp (not for the squeamish!), served with (yum, yum!) cocktail sauce:

Next came an absolutely delicious salad, with Follow Your Heart Monterey Jack flavored "cheese," fresh strawberries, redleaf lettuce, red onions, Lighthouse Raspberry Lime dressing and almonds:

Then a bowl of one of my favorite ready-made soups from Progresso (hey, come on, folks, he prepared this whole dinner by himself; packaged foods were a lifesaver!):

Along with garlic-herb crostini (cut from a mini baguette from the local grocery store):

Next, the cherished intermezzo was Ben & Jerry's Berried Treasure lemon and berry sorbet:

The two mains came side by side; vegan "cheese" ravioli with more Monterey Jack "cheese" and Boca's "chicken" parmesan, each with a different tomato mushroom sauce:

Lastly, a strawberry bundt cake with chocolate sauce and fresh berries (that cake didn't last long, lemmetellya!):

Here are some of the products that went into this scrumptious feast:

And here's the man who made it all happen! Thanks, honey, I love you so much:

Wishing each of you just as much happiness,
Celeste (Crickets)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Susana de Tumbleweed Studios!

Susana, digital artist and jewelry designer, is the owner of Tumbleweedstudios.
As she says:... "A place where you'll find a variety of Items of many avenues of the arts, such as, Giclee Prints, Digital Illustrations, Photography, Note cards, Pet portraits, and a variety of Jewelry items".

She is our featured member this week from Spanglish Team, a very talented group of artisans, crafters and designers who share the passion for quality handmade, one of the kind products.

If you want to see more of her amazing work, please visit her shop and take advantage of the fabulous promo she is offering.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Andrea de AG mode Tiene Many Talents!

Presenting Andrea of AG mode; fiber artist and Etsy Spanglish Teammate!

Andrea tells us a bit more about herself:

"Since I have memory I’ve being surrounded by fabrics, yarns, hooks, needles, buttons, lace, fashion magazines, and all the other things needed to develop and finish clothing. Since always I live with the design bug in my heart.

I have a BA in Fashion Design from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I specialized in lingerie and intimate garments. I love the well constructed garment, the good fitting clothes, and the unexpected accessories. After working for years in the Fashion industry, I decided to establish my own company, self-publish my originals patterns and sell my own handmade designs.

I love to work with different techniques to obtain stunning results, rich colors and textures. Sewing, knitting, crochet, Tunisian crochet, and beading are my passion."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Handbag Cave: Style to Go!

At Handbag Cave online boutique, you'll find stylish, fashionable handbags by Raquel Gonzalez; she expertly designs & creates each one with a discerning eye for quality and detail.

I am irresistibly attracted to Raquel's sleek & shiny PRINCESS MAKE UP POUCH In Sour Apple.

As a vegan, I especially love the fact that it's made with faux leather and faux patent leather. Which is your favorite (perhaps it's the corduroy tote shown below with all those bells and whistles)! Let me know by leaving a comment and please, drop by Raquel's online accessories boutique today!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding Pics: The Nicky and Cricky Show!

Our friend and photog pro Gary Kalpakoff was our photographer and he did a fantastic job--thank you, Gary!

Pics from Celeste & Nicholas' wedding this Saturday; we wanted to share just a few with you, our friends and family who mean so much to us.

First to set the scene...the wedding was held at the XBarH Lodge at Red Rock Retreat here in the high desert of southern Utah near the Grand Canyon. The pine lodge is 10,000 square foot in a gorgeous setting (yes, it really did snow--good thing we didn't get married outside as we were originally planning). Michele and JC, the lodge caretakers, were absolutely perfect. They were so helpful yet inobtrusive and really, really made us, our out of town family guests and all FOUR dogs present feel very welcome (Nicky and I and our families all stayed at the lodge before and after the wedding). Here's a view out of some of the windows in the huge upstairs loft:

My mom, Melena, who drove down from Idaho with her partner Mike, helped me get ready:

The guests were seated both below us and above us, the ceremony was held in the stairwell so everyone could see (this was just one, small part of the gigantic lodge):

I made both mine and our minister Lenny's scarves/wraps (Nicky and his team of pros did everything else!):

We held it together pretty well during the Mark Twain quotes...then our talented and fun musician friend, Victor Gutschalk, who had been playing the ukelele before the ceremony, broke out his classical guitar to sing & play The Wedding Song (There Is Love) by Peter, Paul & Mary:

Nicky started crying first, and that got me all teared up...then we started laughing at ourselves through our tears...we were a mess! Our minister Lenny handed me his kerchief to use:

Our friend Joy Moffat took this photo from the balcony!

Then I passed it on to Nicky:

Then all bets were off during Lenny's recitation of the "What is real?" passage from The Velveteen Rabbit...even Lenny (and most of the audience) lost it and Nicky had to hand him back the handkerchief!

Our friend Joy Moffat took this photo from the balcony!

Go ahead, I dare you...just try to read the passage out loud without tearing up (click on image below to view text):

After the ceremony, we got to hug and thank all our beloved guests, then we headed downstairs to enjoy the delicious, vegetarian spread that Nicky and his team of helpers made ready for us:

And then of course, we enjoyed some of the wonderfully delicious wedding cake that Nicky's cousins Jolene & Jim brought all the way from Colorado (Jolene is a professional cake maker and it shows--each tier was a different flavor and the top two were vegan!):

People keep asking us if we feel any different now that we're married. The fact that the answer is "Yes, we do!" was a surprise even to us (we've been together for over three years and own a home together)! It feels GREAT to be husband and wife and we feel even closer than before, if that's possible. ;)

You may be able to see more photos here and here. Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes, support and simply for being part of our lives. We truly cherish our peeps.