Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Interior Design Decor Throw Blankets!

I'm especially excited about my new, handknit, fringed throw blankets home interiors design decor line! They make fantastic, personalized gifts for life events such as weddings, graduations, housewarmings and more (also available in newborn baby size to be used as photo prop hammocks during portait photography sessions, see bottom photo in this blog post).

In addition, I offer my signature style fashion accessory scarves which focus on color and texture and I'm the original designer of the Fringie™ all yarn photo portrait prop for newborn infants, babies and children.

I have a passion for excellence (okay, okay, I'm a detail freak and a perfectionist) and each of my lines is fashioned with durability, comfort, beauty and usablilty as top priorities. Custom work is my specialty and I engineer and create each of my own, handmade designs! I love to make new friends on facebook, so please drop by and say hello!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Fringe Scarves as Photo Props for Women and Girls

These modeled images were captured by the super-nice, obviously talented, fun and delightful Ashley of Ashley Mae Photography. Ashley writes, "I have used your scarves in so many photo sessions. Seriously those scarves have held up better than all of my other scarves I have, they look so delicate but they are strong!! Way to go girl, you are gifted. The texture & colors in these scarves are GORGEOUS and SO unique." Catch more of her work at AMP Photography.

Get details on these scarves and others in my online photo prop boutique!

All images from Ashley Mae Photography at http://ashleymaephoto.com/ in Logan, Utah

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hammock Sling! My Fringed, Handknit, Photo Portrait Prop Baby Blanket

Here are instructions on how to use my Fringie prop photography blankets as a hanging baby sling during newborn to 9 month old photo sessions!

Thank you to professional photographer Katrina Stevenson in Lakeland, Florida for being the first to use my Fringie to suspend babies!

Here's a "before" shot of how the photo was made:

Katrina writes: "... I just had both parents hold it with a bean bag underneath to spot! If for any reason you only have one parent it's possible you could tie one end to your backdrop stand but it may be risky! And I always lay the fringe on the beanbag then place the baby in and then have the parents lift! Hope that helps!"

This outdoor photo with the 'Granola' cream hammock tied to a branch was captured by Josie Hamper of All For Fun Photography in Longview, East Texas (she says that because the baby was so new at 15 days old, Josie secured her with a sash by wrapping the sash around her torso then feeding the sash through the open stitching of the hammock and tying her into the hammock):

And the dear image above was captured and prepared by professional photographer Cheryl Woody of Frozen Moments Photography in Columbiaville, Michigan.

Cheryl writes about the session: "I have a large beanbag bed that I always use under the babies whenever I am lifting them off the table in any manner. The parents each held one end of the hammock and lifted the babies up. I can't wait to use the hammock again!" Here's another pic that shows how the hammock was held:

Below you'll find a shot of the cream, green and brown hammock from Kimberly Bush of Bluff View Photography in Peoria, Illinois:

You can see that Kim used the four END TASSELS to tie the hammock. The knit blanket base is under the branch. The right-most front tassel is in front of the branch and the right-most back tassel is behind the branch. Then the tassels are double knotted together above the branch. She repeated with the left-most tassels of the front and back fringe rows.

Here is a photo from Karen Fullmer Photography in Glendale, Arizona with her Fringie, showing the same technique of double knotting the end tassels around a horizontal branch:

Safety Tips:

a) Baby only needs to be suspended a few inches off the floor for a dramatic effect

b) A bean bag or other cushion should be placed underneath hammock

c) Use the entire end tassels to tie up hammock (not just a few strands)

d) Hammock can be tested first with a melon or container of liquid that weighs about the same as a baby

e) Bean bag, parents holding the hammock sides, etc. can always be edited out later

I hope you enjoy using your Fringie to create baby photos that will last a lifetime!

Appreciating you,
Celeste (Crickets)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Irish Green Treasury Makes Etsy Front Page!

I'm so excited that the first time ever, a treasury I've curated from my online scarf, blanket and photo prop boutique on Etsy made it to the front page! It's called "Get Lucky Tonight; Happy St. Patrick's Day, may the luck o' the Irish be with you!" and exclusively features green items from my teammates of the Fulltime Etsy Crafters Team. Here is a photo of the collection (click on the image to enlarge):

It seems like Etsy is really doing a great job lately of showing a more diverse range of sellers and curators on the front page, and I appreciate their efforts!

Celeste (Crickets)