Sunday, April 19, 2009

Handbag Cave: Style to Go!

At Handbag Cave online boutique, you'll find stylish, fashionable handbags by Raquel Gonzalez; she expertly designs & creates each one with a discerning eye for quality and detail.

I am irresistibly attracted to Raquel's sleek & shiny PRINCESS MAKE UP POUCH In Sour Apple.

As a vegan, I especially love the fact that it's made with faux leather and faux patent leather. Which is your favorite (perhaps it's the corduroy tote shown below with all those bells and whistles)! Let me know by leaving a comment and please, drop by Raquel's online accessories boutique today!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding Pics: The Nicky and Cricky Show!

Our friend and photog pro Gary Kalpakoff was our photographer and he did a fantastic job--thank you, Gary!

Pics from Celeste & Nicholas' wedding this Saturday; we wanted to share just a few with you, our friends and family who mean so much to us.

First to set the scene...the wedding was held at the XBarH Lodge at Red Rock Retreat here in the high desert of southern Utah near the Grand Canyon. The pine lodge is 10,000 square foot in a gorgeous setting (yes, it really did snow--good thing we didn't get married outside as we were originally planning). Michele and JC, the lodge caretakers, were absolutely perfect. They were so helpful yet inobtrusive and really, really made us, our out of town family guests and all FOUR dogs present feel very welcome (Nicky and I and our families all stayed at the lodge before and after the wedding). Here's a view out of some of the windows in the huge upstairs loft:

My mom, Melena, who drove down from Idaho with her partner Mike, helped me get ready:

The guests were seated both below us and above us, the ceremony was held in the stairwell so everyone could see (this was just one, small part of the gigantic lodge):

I made both mine and our minister Lenny's scarves/wraps (Nicky and his team of pros did everything else!):

We held it together pretty well during the Mark Twain quotes...then our talented and fun musician friend, Victor Gutschalk, who had been playing the ukelele before the ceremony, broke out his classical guitar to sing & play The Wedding Song (There Is Love) by Peter, Paul & Mary:

Nicky started crying first, and that got me all teared up...then we started laughing at ourselves through our tears...we were a mess! Our minister Lenny handed me his kerchief to use:

Our friend Joy Moffat took this photo from the balcony!

Then I passed it on to Nicky:

Then all bets were off during Lenny's recitation of the "What is real?" passage from The Velveteen Rabbit...even Lenny (and most of the audience) lost it and Nicky had to hand him back the handkerchief!

Our friend Joy Moffat took this photo from the balcony!

Go ahead, I dare you...just try to read the passage out loud without tearing up (click on image below to view text):

After the ceremony, we got to hug and thank all our beloved guests, then we headed downstairs to enjoy the delicious, vegetarian spread that Nicky and his team of helpers made ready for us:

And then of course, we enjoyed some of the wonderfully delicious wedding cake that Nicky's cousins Jolene & Jim brought all the way from Colorado (Jolene is a professional cake maker and it shows--each tier was a different flavor and the top two were vegan!):

People keep asking us if we feel any different now that we're married. The fact that the answer is "Yes, we do!" was a surprise even to us (we've been together for over three years and own a home together)! It feels GREAT to be husband and wife and we feel even closer than before, if that's possible. ;)

You may be able to see more photos here and here. Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes, support and simply for being part of our lives. We truly cherish our peeps.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Organized My Yarn Stash!

Cleaning up my yarn collection was an all day project! Yes, with the wedding just a week and a half away, the push is on to get my scarf and Fringie photo prop studio pretty enough to wow out of town relatives. ;)

I worked all day today and I'm pleased with the results! I now have at least one of every yarn I own in ONE ROOM (and some backstock organized in cupboards in another room by color)!

Below are pictures, one wall at a time, of my newly beautified workspace.

As you enter the room and turn to your left, you'll see my neutrals, one of a kind smooth yarns and samples of each multicolor, textured yarn:

Next we see a huge shelf loaded with backstock of smooth yarns (this is where I pull out up to 34 yarns at a time to make fringe tassels, Fringe-O-Rama Scarves or Fringies). To the left are some of the flowers I use for my U Pick 'Em flowered boas. Below the shelf are some backstock and ribbon yarns:

Here we see my not-so-organized desk aka "packaging station." It, uh, didn't get organized today. Martian Manhunter can be seen in the upper left, casting a friendly and watchful eye over the process (we christened the cricket "Legs," he's the mascot from Mulan & was a birthday present from Nicky):

Lastly, yet more backstock, more ribbon yarns, the matrix/ladder yarns I use to make my See Through Lightweights line of scarves, "kits" of yarn I use for Fringies and Fringe-O-Ramas and...drumroll, please...finished product (scarves)!! Here we are:

Hope you enjoyed the little tour...yes, it may look like mess, mess and more mess. Still, it's all set up in a way that makes sense to me and will allow me to work more quickly and efficiently!