Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swept Away by SweptFromTheSea!

Did you know that there different types of sea glass and that some is better quality? Here's an explanation from Swept From The Sea Designs in Victoria, B.C.:

Authentic sea glass (seaglass) / beach glass (beachglass) is broken glass (bottles, etc.) from shipwrecks, boats or people onshore that for one reason or another has found it's way into the water. Most sea glass is from the early 19th and 20th centuries and can be found along the shorelines of oceans, lakes and rivers. It is tumbled smooth over time (years, decades, maybe even centuries...) and develops a lovely frosted patina from the action of water (waves, currents) against the sand. These colorful jewels are becoming more rare, as the use of plastic and recycling increases.

There are many different colours of sea/beach glass, that range from very common to extremely rare.
White, Sprite Green, Rootbeer Brown, Brown
Seafoam, Light Green, Lime Green, Forest Green, Olive Green
Pink, Lavender, Light Blue, Cornflower Blue, Cobalt Blue, Citron, Opaque White
Yellow, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Teal, Gray, Black

All my designs contain eco-friendly sea glass (seaglass) / beach glass (beachglass) that is handpicked from along the rugged shores of the Pacific Ocean in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia CANADA.

Authentic sea glass has a beautiful frosted patina that only mother nature can create. I use only the highest quality glass that I find; it is rounded with no sharp, jagged edges. For sea glass to become this polished it takes decades."

As a huge fan of sea glass (it's such a thrill to find a piece on the beach!) it's my pleasure and honor to feature such a discriminating artist today.

The pictures shown above are all from Swept From the Sea Designs' gorgeous shop, and you can see Swept's treasury (thanks for including my Sugar Plum Fairy Handknit, See Through Scarf through Saturday!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ThisIsIt: Vegan Talent!

What's the motto of ThisIsIt! Creations?

"Freedom from the ordinary ~ Freedom for the animals"

With 5% of profits donated to animal welfare groups & lots of advocacy for a cruelty-free, joyful lifestyle, Jodi & her family of ThisIsIt stand behind their motto in every way!

I know Jodi because she & I both belong to Vegan Etsy, a team of vegans with shops free of animal products! To find more, please just to go Etsy, your place to buy and sell all things handmade and do a tag search for VeganEtsy Team!

To help raise awareness, Jodi has also just created a Vegan Talent treasury collection, including a link to my Rainbow Brite Handknit Gift Scarf; thank you, Jodi and ThisIsIt!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Beki of PamperingBeki Pampers YOU! :)

There are 6 pages of gorgeousness in Beki's online jewelry and accessories boutique called PamperingBeki! Today, I've decided to feature pictures of her flowered hair accessories--so fresh, simple, pure & elegant! Here's a bit more information from her profile on Etsy, your place to buy and sell all things handmade:

"Beki H. began making custom, handmade jewelry in 2003. Since that time, she has been featured in such online publications as Journal Modiste and has sold items to local upscale boutiques and internationally.

Her designs feature the best of timeless elegance and trendy looks, with the end result being quality jewelry that will look as new and fresh years from now as it does today. Each piece is made on professional grade beading wire and always finished with a Sterling Silver clasp.

Beki employs a lot of natural stones in her designs. The use of such stones gives each piece a totally unique look, as nature never repeats itself. Thus, each piece with natural stones is truly one of a kind.

Beki lives in Kansas with her husband, and her three children, a daughter, aged 7, and two sons ages 6 and 1. A former flight attendant, Beki is truly enjoying being home with her children. Making beautiful jewelry is, she says, the best way for her to remain home with her family and still have a creative outlet."

Beki, thank you for featuring my Sugar Plum Fairy Handknit, See Through Scarf (shown below and currently on sale in my shop for Christmas In July for only $30) in your Green & Purple treasury! You're both talented and generous!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cricket, meet Crickets!

A kindred spirit! Cricket of cricketapollo has a nickname almost exactly like mine! And, she's also a fiber artists of a different sort (I knit fashion scarves and she's a seamstress extraordinaire), we're both members of Etsy, your place to buy & sell all things handmade! AND, we're both participating in Christmas In July, for any Etsians who are discounting all or part of their stores for the remainder of July for Early Bird Special holiday shoppers.

Cricket has even made a Christmas In July treasury full of itmes from participating shops! Thank you, Cricket, for including my Solid Gold Yellow Sunshine Handknit Scarf (shown below)!

Would you like to see what's available for Etsy's Christmas in July? Just do a search on Etsy for the tag christmasinjuly (all one word) and prepare to be delighted! :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Shirley Invites Us In to UniqueDesigns39!

You won't want to miss UniqueDesigns39's Shop Announcement!

"Hi! I'm Shirley, and that's my husband Larry with me.

This is a joint effort with myself and my husband. I do all the designing and creating of the jewelry and Larry does the computor work getting the site working and adding my new items to the store.
We work well together, I think.

I use mostly Swarovski crystal, Glass beads, Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil and Gold filled components for my jewelry. I want it to be beautiful and also to last."

Now, when I read those words, and see the beautiful jewelry (shown in this post) in Shirley's shop, I feel like, "This is a family & studio I would like to see more of!" What a positive & welcome message!

Lately, Shirley's been including my scarves in several of her treasuries (such as the bleu, blanc et rouge design shown below)...and each time she includes my good friends Meagan and Ellen!

Coincidence? Another friend in the making? Only time will tell!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Her Royal Majesty Veronica!

Do you know Veronica of SurrenderDorothy vintage and HerRoyalMajesty handbags? She seems to be everywhere with her amazing, positive energy and sense of silly fun!

About her handbags:"Her Royal Majesty Bags brings to you a global buffet of fabulous luxury textiles and delightful vintage adornments. Our favorites include lush thick velvets, shimmering satins, spectacular woven tapestries, brocades, silks, linen, heavy cotton prints, fluffy chenille, woolens and colorful bark cloth. We scour estate sales and high-end antique shops far and wide for the most stunning and unique vintage buttons."

About her vintage:"At Surrender Dorothy, our mission in life is to scour rural area estate sales, tag sales, church rummage sales and small town flea markets to cherry-pick the very coolest vintage goodies and supplies for fussy collectors, cooks and artists who's tastes run toward the realm of the more unusual. We know exactly what you want!
We deliver the retro and vintage goods you crave right to your mailbox."

And, wowie-zowie, oh me, oh my, Veronica has just put me, lil' ol' me, in her latest purple treasury which she's titled, "Ode To The Color of Royalty: The need for all things purple was bigger than me this morning." Thank you, Veronica, for including my Sugar Plum Fairy Handknit, See Through Scarf (shown below, all other photos are from Veronica's online shops)!

Ranzangel's Angela is my Angel!

Angela of RanzAngel is soooo sweet!

She's featured my See Through Hot Pink Sparkle Handknit Scarf (shown at bottom of this page) in her latest collection of Magenta Heaven handmade products. Her treasury is viewable through Monday, so please check it out!

Angela specializes in whimsical, colorful creations made with paper, polymer clay, acrylics....she's multi-talented! The images you see here (other than my scarf) are all from her shop; please visit her online gallery today for more fun and affordable art!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Orange & Red, Head to Head!

Check out BehaveLittle's fun, online pet supply store...

...everything from Fortune Cookie Catnip Tossers which come in their own Chinese take-out box, to a Summer Lemons Big Cush Pet Bed (both shown in this post) to specially designed, sturdy, stay-put pet scarves.

You're loving the colors, right? Me, too! And guess what? Amber of BehaveLittles just did a really fun, colorful "I DO Compare Apples & Oranges" collection of handmade Etsy items with the subtitle, "Reds and Oranges--freaking delicious? It includes my Oranges & Browns Classy Handknit Scarf (shown below) and is viewable until tomorrow!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Meet Me in Montana....

...I wanna see the mountains in your eyes..." Know that one? No? Well, then maybe only people who are from Montana know the song. ;) Even though I no longer live in the state of Montana, I remember it well and still have family there. And now, I have an Etsy family there, as well!

Yes, Margie of MontanaKntryGal started a team just for Montanans and I was lucky enough to be invited!

Team member Barb of StrandsofLight gave me a little jolt of homesick nostalgia with her Meet Me In Montana treasury, chock full of items from the new Big Sky Montana Etsy Team. The images you see here are jewelry pieces from Barb's online shop.
Nice, huh? Thank you, Barb, for promoting the team and for including my Pretty Magnolia Flowered, Spring Green, Skinny, Handmade Scarf (shown below)!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Havin' Fun with RetroAlchemist!

So, yeah...I'm a color junkie: "Hi, my name's Celeste & I'm an addict, I've been clean & sober for 0 days now...."

Imagine my delight at discovering RetroAlchemist's bright, cheerful and decidedly fun artwork in her online gallery!

I especially love owls...

...and kitties!
Here's what RetroAlchemist's shop announcement says:

"Come on in and meet the Robots, Bunny-Bots, Cupcake-Bots, Bow-Wow-Bots, and Meow-Bots! They would never destroy anything (much less an entire planet), but they might melt your heart with their with their whimsical wonderfulness:-)

Besides Bots you'll find lots of kittens doing what they do best (being cute), some cheery bluebirds and redbirds, an owl or two, a mermaid, a clown, and an Invitation to a Party hosted by Augustus Caterpillar III. Hope you'll meet us under the Red Polka Dot Mushrooms!"

Imagine my delight at discovering that RetroAlchemist included my Orange & Pink See Through Lightweight scarf for summer in their latest smile treasury! What an honor. :)