Friday, April 25, 2008

Sunshine & Citrus from RegalBeads!

Orange is my favorite color; so I especially love this gorgeous, beaded bracelet from Besides, I tried my hand at beading in a grade school elective--which was just enough learnin' to convince me to leave beading to the pros like RegalBeads!

Now, I know the picture of RegalBeads' work above is a bracelet, but I like to pretend it's a juicy, kumquat crown! The image above is also RegalBeads' avatar (small picture that appears whenever she posts in the forums at, and I always love to see it and her positive, encouraging forum posts!

Like me, RegalBeads likes citrus-y images that match her optimism and sense of fun, and she's created a treasury full of yellows and oranges, at through Saturday. Thanks for including my new Yellow and Orange Summer Sunshine Handknit Scarf, Regal! :)

A 2-year-old with Sweet Personality & Artistic Genius!

Remember last week when I wrote about and what a special family and online shop they all were? Well, I didn't even know at the time what a truly amazing bunch they are!

This sweet little girl in the picture above is part of the HomeCreations family. She'll be 3 next month (sounds like our birthdays are close; mine is May 27). She just sat in her Mommy's lap and chose the collection of item images at (viewable through Sunday); her very first treasury and not even 3 years old yet! I'll be 35 and I've yet to make a treasury. ;) She chose my scarf design, below, and I couldn't be more touched and pleased. Thank you, Little One, for adding some sweetness and care to this world.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lucia Brings Sunlight This Time!

Lucia ( has done it again, this time with a cheery, lemony collection of bright yellow images, all at through Wednesday. She included my yellow scarf (below) and I couldn't resist posting a few of her fun, yellow ceramics and jewelry above. Thanks again, Lucia!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Just "Plum" Adore that Purple-Lovin' Georgie!

Georgie ( loves purple. And her family (just click on her profile from to see what I mean). And being new to Etsy (she just joined us from upstate NY in February, and is already making a name for herself as kind, personable and likeable)! And now, making her first treasury (collection of favorite items, it's only viewable at through Tuesday)!

If my car broke down and I was stranded on the side of the road, I'd want Georgie to drive by, because I know she'd stop to help. :) Thanks to Georgie for including my Pinkish Purple Plum Wine Handknit Fashion Scarf (image below) in her very first treasury, I really appreciate it! I included a few of Georgie's purple items here, since I know she loves the color so much. Hope you enjoy her handiwork, I certainly do!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Phydeaux is Fetching!

Brenda of is special, a rare and precious gem. She's relatively new to the etsy marketplace community, having just joined the end of January. But you'd never know it by her professional presentation, friendliness and confident kindness.Like me, Brenda specializes in selling gorgeous, handknit scarves for year round wear. So, you think we'd be at each other's throats, trying to elbow one anoher aside so the "winner" could grab all the sales. Far from it! The truth is, we avidly support one another! We both belong to (Fiber Arts Street Team), where we work to raise awareness and sales for fiber art. We're all in this together and there's enough success to go around!

Just one small example of Brenda's generosity and teamwork, she's just created two new treasuries (collections to show off others' items). They're here and here through Monday. One even includes my Solid Gold Yellow Sunshine Handknit Scarf for All Seasons Year Round Wear (shown below, Brenda's beautiful designs are above). Please also check out her blog today!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gotta Have 'Em TeriBeads!

As a child, my favorite part of local fairs and festivals was watching glass blowers & other glassworkers. I’ve always had a fascination with science, history and art; working with glass is the perfect melding (literally!) of all three. The glass has to be just the right temperature to be soft and workable and if it cools too quickly it can shatter…add in all the considerations for working with pigment and—phew!—my hat’s off to those who craft with glass, an ancient art up to 5,000 years old.

So, knowing how I feel about glass and its absolute beauty & value when fashioned well, you will understand how thrilled I was to be included in a collection of quiet, calming images ( through tonight!) picked by (she included my Pale Peach n Mossy Green scarf, shown below).You see, Teri’s work is an absolute celebration of color & skill. Just an example that I absolutely must share: See these pictures of orange beads?
They spell out “LOVE” on one side and on the other side is “LOVE” in Braille! I think that’s just about the most clever idea I’ve ever seen…and that’s not even taking into consideration that orange is my favorite color. ;)

Please do visit her impressive collection of quality, glass beads in almost literally every hue. If you have an appreciation for the best that art & science have to offer, please go to and get your TeriBeads today!

Lucia Shines Her Soothing Light for Us All!

Lucia is one of the most beautiful names to me. And it has to do with light in the Latin languages. Lucia of certainly is a shining light.

I'm just having one problem: I can't decide which of her boutique-quality, eye-catching jewelry and ceramics to feature! You see, Lucia and I are both color junkies, and each one of her pieces "speaks" to me--I'm hopeless! Can you please visit her shop at and then tell me which is YOUR favorite GulinoArtware creation?? I've included a couple of my favorites here!And please visit her very popular treasury with soothing pastel items (including my Sea Colors Purples Greens Blues Handknit Gift Scarf, shown below) at through tomorrow (Thursday).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 is just a feel-good boutique, no matter how you look at it! First, they "upcycle" almost all of their materials to make the most endearingly detailed children's clothing imaginable! To see what I mean, just see the front and back view of one of their adorable pants/dress sets, above. That's got to be any child's instant favorite! Second, they're all about family, home and the environment--the things that really matter in this life!

And what matters more to our survival and happiness than sunshine? I'm sure that's what HomeCreations had in mind when they created a beautiful treasury collection of sunshine yellow items, available for viewing and clicking through Thursday at And thank goodness, they even included my Solid Gold Yellow Sunshine Handknit Scarf for All Seasons Year Round Wear, Great Mother's Day Gift (shown below). Thank you for making this world a better place!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

IntergalacticRose "Raises" Veg*n Awareness!

Intergalactic Rose ( is just one of the many members of EtsyVeg, an "street team" made up of vegetarians & vegans who strive to offer cruelty-free items in their stores. Please find out more at

IntergalacticRose has offered to create a treasury collection of EtsyVeg members' items weekly, and I'm proud to announce her first, weekly treasury, viewable online through Monday at I'm honored that she chose one of my scarves (shown below) and wanted to highlight one of my very favorite items from her shop, the Seahorse skirt! Isn't it gorgeous? I've included both a full body shot and a detail...what talent!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

APeacefulLife & an EyeForStyle...

Vicki is so multi-talented! First, there's her store, which houses quality card making, book making, jewelry crafting (, collage, assemblage and knitting! Then, there's her online boutique, which is gorgeous! Must be all that inspiratin from living in Alaska, which sounds like APeacefulLife indeed!

Do you like red, silver grey & black together? Vicki and I do (just check out her striking earrings in the picture above), too! She even made a collection of that color combo, called, "Red Wine & Charcoal." It can be viewed at through Sunday and includes my Grey Red Gray Handknit, Unisex Scarf for Men or Women.

Thanks, APeacefulLife & VickiOrion!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

BrazilNative's Jewelry: Exotic AND Eco-Friendly! is such an awesome shop!! Not only is all of the jewelry there beautiful, tropical, resort-worthy &'s also made from seeds, bark, etc from beautiful Brazil! I couldn't decide on just one example to show you, so please check out these two, gorgeous designs to see what I'm talking about...

Brazil is *the* hip place for music, performance art, culinary delights, fashion, etc, etc,'s also home of the Brazilian rainforests, which are severely threatened by deforestation. Why are the native fauna being extinquished, even though the rain forests' diversity
has brought us many of our modern day pharmaceuticals? The land is being cleared to make way for housing, livestock & conventional agriculture. So, what's so neat about BrazilNative is it creates a market for materials harvested from an intact biosystem. Here's another example: Brazil nuts will not grow under cultivation. They HAVE to be wildharvested from a healthy rainforest.

So, sit back, relax at your computer, order up some Brazil nuts and some gorgeous jewelry from BrazilNative...and then go out and show it off! :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring, Trees & Limes...MMmmmmm!!!

Now, Tammy ( is a color addict, just like me. And we don't just love a few favorite colors...we love 'em ALL! :) It's even better if they're in crazy combinations...if you don't believe me, just take one look at her banner above. ;) Her eclectic style is obvious in her "I Want Candy" bracelet below.
So, I really admire her restraint in picking only a few, very refined colors (Spring, Trees & Lime) for her latest treasury, which is a collection of items all together on one web page. See what I mean at through Wednesday). She even chose my very earth toned, understated "Army Cheerleader" Camouflage Pom Pom Long Skinny Boa Handknit Scarf (shown below)--what discipline! The 2nd row of images, with the frog, is my favorite--what's yours??

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oceanrose Won't Leave Ya Spinning in the Wind! is Spinning Wind fiber studios! I simple adore this child's hat I found there--lookit the colors! And spun on a wheel right there in the design studio--how cool is that??

Spinning Wind Designs also maintains a blog at and their website is Please do check them out and if you choose one of the gorgeous, handspun yarns or handknit items you find there, please mention that you were sent by me! You see, I'd like to do something nice as a thank you for being featured in their treasury (viewable at through Monday or see below for which scarf was chosen). Thanks, Spinning Wind, and keep up the good work!

Friday, April 4, 2008

FeltWerker's New Treasury Really "Werks!"

Denise is Her shop concept is fantastic and eco-friendly: she upcycles old, wool sweaters into new, perfectly fabulous felted items. And with Earth Day just around the corner (April 22), we could all use a little reminder to do as my Aunt Gertie always says, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." :)

Denise has just announced her new, online store,, full of supplies and cool kits (like the fantastic kit shown above to make felted flowers)!

And she's opening with a *bang!* with her beautiful treasury of fiber art, which includes my Lime Green Fettuccine Macaw Ribbon Handknit Scarf (shown below). Please visit her treasury at through Sunday!

Non-Color Never Looked So Good!

Marjorie at is so hip 'n' happenin'! Not only does she live in exciting New Zealand, she also is a member of EtsyForAnimals (we members of EFA sell on Etsy and donate to animal charities)! And she makes unique, collector quality dolls that are one-of-a-kind! Her dolls are colorful and whimsical, but I'm displaying this pin of hers here because...

She just made a Study in Monochrome treasury featuring items from fellow EFA members, and was kind enough to include my
Shades of Silver, Soft Grey or Gray Unisex Handknit Scarf for All Seasons, Year Round Wear, shown below.
Check out her entire collection of "un-color" at through Sunday!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beth, You Make My Tides Whorl!

Beth in Alabama, USA is new to EtsyFAST (Fiber Arts Street Team), and she quickly became an integral and important part of our group to encourage and promote the fiber arts (learn more at
Whether it be participating in our discussions, offering support to other members, or sharing her fantastic new handspun creations with us, Beth at is an important part of EtsyFAST. Her latest contribution is a gorgeous treasury that you can see at through Friday. She was even kind enough to include my Coral Beach Peach, Lacey Handknit Scarves for All Seasons Year Round Wear (shown below).

Please check out Beth's shop for roving, handspun yarn & finished knitwear! And Beth...I'm glad you're part of our team. :)