Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gotta Have 'Em TeriBeads!

As a child, my favorite part of local fairs and festivals was watching glass blowers & other glassworkers. I’ve always had a fascination with science, history and art; working with glass is the perfect melding (literally!) of all three. The glass has to be just the right temperature to be soft and workable and if it cools too quickly it can shatter…add in all the considerations for working with pigment and—phew!—my hat’s off to those who craft with glass, an ancient art up to 5,000 years old.

So, knowing how I feel about glass and its absolute beauty & value when fashioned well, you will understand how thrilled I was to be included in a collection of quiet, calming images ( through tonight!) picked by (she included my Pale Peach n Mossy Green scarf, shown below).You see, Teri’s work is an absolute celebration of color & skill. Just an example that I absolutely must share: See these pictures of orange beads?
They spell out “LOVE” on one side and on the other side is “LOVE” in Braille! I think that’s just about the most clever idea I’ve ever seen…and that’s not even taking into consideration that orange is my favorite color. ;)

Please do visit her impressive collection of quality, glass beads in almost literally every hue. If you have an appreciation for the best that art & science have to offer, please go to and get your TeriBeads today!

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