Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stevie Nicks Shawl Design Contest Announced CricketsKnits as Winner One Year Ago!

It's been exactly one whirlwind of a year since the official announcement was posted that I aka CricketsKnits had won the Show Stopping Shawl Stevie Nicks shawl design contest!

Here is what Stevie Nicks wrote in regards to why she chose MY SHAWL out of over 600 other entries:

"Ultimately, I chose NAY-TIV RAY-VIN by Crickets Meyeres. I felt this garment could have been made for Rhiannon or for Gold Dust Woman~ the color really isn’t that important. It just seems like a “Celtic” or a “native American” piece~ and I found that very interesting because it is obviously the tribal element that drew me to it~ be it Welsh or Southwestern~ Congratulations!!!"

Stevie Nicks"

Since then, my life has changed in a HUGE way!  I have met so many amazing new friends and fans.  I am forever grateful to Dave Stewart, Talenthouse and of course STEVIE NICKS!! :D As well as superfans Lori Gabriel, Alicia Bailey and Mike Valentino for being the first to reach out to me after seeing Stevie wearing the shawl on stage for the first time during an October Fleetwood Mac concert!

And to the many, many customers who have asked me to make special shawls for them in personalized colors!

Thank you all for sharing in and celebrating this incredible experience with me.

With gratitude,
Celeste (Crickets) Meyeres