Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wild Burros: Donkeys Get Adopted in Utah! :)

During the moments when I'm not knitting, I can usually be found in the burro pasture behind our house! 

Today my husband Nicholas and I are so happy to announce that our sweet wild burro, Chocolate Bear, officially belongs to us now! 
Chocolate Bear's Title
Hopefully his buddy Barnabas' title will be coming in the mail any day, as well.  :) 

The BLM will only allow wild horse or wild burro adopters to apply for titles after a year, to prove that we will care for them long term.

As with any pets, these two make us laugh with their silly antics, melt our hearts with their affection and create an unbelievable amount of mess for us to clean up, ha ha!

We feel very lucky to share our lives with these two fellas and are grateful that they've decided to trust us and befriend us!

Now they love to meet new people, including kids.  Here they are reaching out to receive a gift of cherry tomatoes from our friend Jess.
Accepting tomatoes from a friend
Would you like to see more of our inseparable pair of formerly wild donkeys?

Most of the videos that I've posted on facebook are of these two:

Crickets' home videos

And here's a link to one of my FAVORITE pics, of Chocolate Bear getting a kiss from Nicholas:

Nose kisses from Chocolate Bear

Thanks for sharing this milestone moment with us!  Burros can live for 35 years or longer and these guys are only three years old, so we will enjoy their companionship for a long time. :)

Celeste (Crickets)
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ribbon Wrap Newborn Baby Props

How are you today? I'm excited because I just made a new set of seven different colors of new RIBBON wraps, and I'm offering them at a quantity discount! 

Hand knit from a very small run of European ribbon, these are going to go quickly; most likely before I get a chance to put them up on my general site.  So here they are:
ribbon wrap assortment
Coffee, Golden Blend, Solid Burgundy, Ambers, Greens, Terra Cotta Mix and Solid Maize
A close up of the Terra Cotta Mix, my personal favorite:
Terra Cotta Mix ribbon wrap
And, uh, that reminds me that I still haven't told you about my new, super wow color changing lace wraps in a brushed yarn that's similar to mohair:
Color-changing lace wraps
Green-black and blue-white
And even though I have sent off over 50 since their debut (thanks all!), I still have a few in each color of my slightly fuzzy, solid color wraps:
lace wrap in light pink
What's the special price??  Choose ANY five of my lace wraps--ribbon, color shift or slightly fuzzy like at this link--and they're only $25 each (that's almost getting two for free since they're normally $38+ each)!  

Please email or call (my contact info is in my signature below) and we can talk more about what colors you'd like.  Then I'll set up special listings reserved just for you! :)

Would you like to be informed whenever I have a new product or color?  Then please click the link below to sign up for my "New News" email notification list (there's a place to opt out of categories that you're not as interested in, as well):

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Thanks so much!
Celeste (Crickets)
Founder and President of Crickets' Creations, LLC (BabyBirdz, CricketsHome & CricketsKnits)
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

What's New emails from Crickets: Sign up here! :)

Woo hoooooo!  I have been wanting the perfect, soft, strong, lasting and colorfast grey yarns with which to make throw blankets for ... well, for as long as I've been making throw blankets!

And finally there are not one, but FOUR shades of grey now available!  Of course I had to buy a few of each.  ;)  Here's a sampling:
New grey throw blanket yarns
Starting in upper left and moving clockwise they are: Charcoal Heather, Clay Solid, Medium Grey Heather and Light Grey Heather
I am especially looking forward to making a pink and grey throw!  Oh, and a yellow and grey throw!  And teal and grey are so pretty together ... purple and grey is a modern combo .... I'm on fire with ideas! What would YOU like to see?  Maybe ALL greys??

Which leads me to an exciting announcement:  Before whenever I've had a new item or color choice to share, I've maybe posted it on facebook and a few of you might have seen it by chance.

Well, how would you like be GUARANTEED to always be in the know whenever I have a new product or exciting new material, without depending on facebook? Interested?

Then please click the link just below to join my just-created email list :

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Thank you for your time and interest ... and here's to your wonderful summer!
Celeste (Crickets)
Founder and President of Crickets' Creations, LLC (BabyBirdz, CricketsHome & CricketsKnits)
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