Friday, April 4, 2008

Non-Color Never Looked So Good!

Marjorie at is so hip 'n' happenin'! Not only does she live in exciting New Zealand, she also is a member of EtsyForAnimals (we members of EFA sell on Etsy and donate to animal charities)! And she makes unique, collector quality dolls that are one-of-a-kind! Her dolls are colorful and whimsical, but I'm displaying this pin of hers here because...

She just made a Study in Monochrome treasury featuring items from fellow EFA members, and was kind enough to include my
Shades of Silver, Soft Grey or Gray Unisex Handknit Scarf for All Seasons, Year Round Wear, shown below.
Check out her entire collection of "un-color" at through Sunday!

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