Saturday, April 19, 2008

Phydeaux is Fetching!

Brenda of is special, a rare and precious gem. She's relatively new to the etsy marketplace community, having just joined the end of January. But you'd never know it by her professional presentation, friendliness and confident kindness.Like me, Brenda specializes in selling gorgeous, handknit scarves for year round wear. So, you think we'd be at each other's throats, trying to elbow one anoher aside so the "winner" could grab all the sales. Far from it! The truth is, we avidly support one another! We both belong to (Fiber Arts Street Team), where we work to raise awareness and sales for fiber art. We're all in this together and there's enough success to go around!

Just one small example of Brenda's generosity and teamwork, she's just created two new treasuries (collections to show off others' items). They're here and here through Monday. One even includes my Solid Gold Yellow Sunshine Handknit Scarf for All Seasons Year Round Wear (shown below, Brenda's beautiful designs are above). Please also check out her blog today!

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