Thursday, March 4, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Irish Green Treasury Makes Etsy Front Page!

I'm so excited that the first time ever, a treasury I've curated from my online scarf, blanket and photo prop boutique on Etsy made it to the front page! It's called "Get Lucky Tonight; Happy St. Patrick's Day, may the luck o' the Irish be with you!" and exclusively features green items from my teammates of the Fulltime Etsy Crafters Team. Here is a photo of the collection (click on the image to enlarge):

It seems like Etsy is really doing a great job lately of showing a more diverse range of sellers and curators on the front page, and I appreciate their efforts!

Celeste (Crickets)


Earmark Social said...

WOOHOO Crickets! Thank you so much!!

Hottie Handbags said...

Go get 'em girlfriend! It couldn't have happened to a kinder and more creative artist!

Right on Celeste!