Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Pleasing Art of Jessica Doyle

I'm heartened by Jessica's prints and originals. I love gardening--or, rather, putzing in the yard, wandering around in my gardening gloves, just being "in the moment." Jessica's pieces feel organic to me. They remind me of the sun on my face, dirt in close proximity, the smell of a crushed leaf.

Her process is palpable. We're constantly reminded to, "Just be" and to let the present surround us, embrace us. When I look at Jessica's work, I have no other choice. I'm not only placed firmly in my own present, I'm also transported to her present when she was making the piece.

If this all sounds a bit too's nothing I can explain. I'm just wondering: Do you feel it, too?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you for the lovely write up and kind words. I'm flattered!

Nice to meet you :)

maclancy said...

just wonderful creations! I will visit her store now and check out her artwork.. thanks Cricket for showing her to me!! Marianne