Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh, Canada! Oh, Nancy!

I've got a soft spot for all things North (of the American border, that is). You see, I grew up in Montana, just hours away from the Canadian border. As a child, our family was just as likely to vacation to Banff or Niagara Falls as we were to head to Yellowstone or Glacier parks. How blessed are we to live near such incredible beauty!

My point? The fact that Nancy of Wallis Designs makes her beautiful jewelry (shown in this post) from her home in Whitby, Canada, makes her even more special in my eyes!

I love to see artists who are happy in their work, so Nancy's shop announcement warms my heart: "I love to play with colourful glass beads, shining sterling silver and sparkling crystals. It just makes me happy."

And she uses only good quality glass beads, swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones with sterling silver or copper--no pearls, bone, shell, coral, feathers or other animal products, which warms the cockles of my vegan heart. ;)

You can also find Nancy on her website and blog

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