Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Eclectic, Artistic Mind...

So, yesterday, on my way out the door "to town" with Nicky to get (more) Halloween supplies and (more) yarn, I get a message from Lori of BACLORI--yes, the B.A.C. part stands for Basement Art Creations!

She wanted to let me know that she'd included my Orange to Burgundy Red Fire Handknit Scarf in her latest, artistically titled Warm Soul & Wonder collection of images. If you get a chance today, please come check out the treasury she's put together--very quirky and endearing, just like Lori's shop! I stink at making treasuries, so I've put together a kind of "treasury" here of some of my favorites of Lori's photographs.

Lest you be hoodwinked into thinking that Lori only exc"els in photography, let me assure you, she also offers cards, jewelry, charms, key chains & more. She explains in her online Profile:

"Basement Art Creations was founded on the notion that great things can come from sleepless nights (and of course slight delirium). Or at most if not great things then at least some "things". After wandering about aimlessly in the wee hours, becoming addicted to countless sci-fi thrillers and organizing and re-organizing the art, jewelry and photo supplies in the basement over and over again it was decided that an interesting hobby which could utilize all of this was in order. With a short attention span and a zillion ideas bouncing around it became apparent a direction was needed, someplace to start putting ideas, jewelry designs, fun photographs and other such eclectic items for sale. This is how Basement Art Creations was conceived.. While I believe that imagination, creativity and insomnia seem to compliment each other on some deep, surreal and idealistic level that lends itself to my projects . . .In the end I really do just hope that you find something you like!"

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