Thursday, October 23, 2008

Julie & Co's Jaw-Dropping Japanese Temari Ball Decorations

Since words couldn't possible do Julie's Temari work justice (she's a color GENIUS!), and I couldn't possibly fit all of my favorite pieces in this blog post...

...I invite you to simply visit her online gallery, instead, where her shop announceent invites us:

"Welcome to my little corner of Etsy and enjoy browsing through my handmade items! I love to work with my hands, I delight in the feel of soft cotton, smooth threads, cool crochet hooks, and fuzzy yarn. I love beauty and texture, detail and color. I have been sewing, crafting, creating and imagining for over 30 years and still find joy in each new project and idea.

Japanese Temari hand balls are my passion -- their colors and symmetry delight me and their design and precision challenge me. These ancient folk art creations are visually stunning and so wonderful to display. Perfect for housewarming gifts, unique thank-you offerings, and special-day gift giving.

Please linger, browse, envision temari in your home and in your custom colors! Be inspired!"

Julie, I couldn't be more inspired, thank you for putting your outstanding work "out there" for everyone to enjoy!


Lona said...


Brian and Jennifer said...

Incredibly beautiful! I'd love to fill my house with them!

Janice Judge said...

Hey Celeste -- Thanks for the beautiful scarves -- they are perfect now for our fall weather and the colors are just gorgeous. Please check out my website and my blog --
Thanks again, Janice

Lenox Knits said...

I just discovered Julie a& Co's shop a few weeks ago myself. Her balls are truly awe inspiring. I had to send her a convo telling her so as soon as I saw them.

Kunklebaby said...

Wow-those are amaing!