Monday, October 6, 2008

Old MacDougall Had a Heather...

I'm anything BUT Scottish, almost literally! I've parts Irish, English, Welsh, Seminole & Cherokee, Spanish Moor....dizzy yet? I'm sure there's more! But, alas, not a drop of Scot.

Still, I have a love affair with all things Scottish. For example, one of my favorite singers is Catherine-Ann MacPhee, who sings in the language of the Gael.

Maybe it's just the embarrassing number of times I saw Braveheart in the 90's. Maybe I'm a Highlander at heart. At any rate, my obsession with plaid prompted me to create my Specially Handknit Scottish Plaid Tartan Red Black White Scarf for Indie Hipster Teens with Style. No, it's not "true" tartan. Here's what I write about it:

"I am soooooo proud of myself for designing this freakin' awesome scarf! Plaid is usually woven on a loom & I utilized every last one of my creative brain cells to figure out a way to knit instead of weave to make this warm, incredible, "plaid" design. The perfect choice for anyone young, happening & free thinking. Absolutely "wow" with a miniskirt, tights and clunky shoes/boots. Think schoolgirl charm with a major kick of fashion. Here's to uniform freaks."

So, anyway, back to Scotland...this morning I'm bumbling through the Etsy online treasuries and I come across one titled "Old MacDougall had a...." and I open it up and it continues, "TARTAN, of course!" and it's all tartan plaids (and wanna-be's, including my scarf)!

Okay, no, wait, it gets better...Heather of Heather Knitz, who made the treasury, writes:

"Yep, the MacDougalls are my clan and while not all of these are "tartans," it certainly is an ode to the Scottish tartan!"

How jealous am I??? Anyway, I just have to tell you a bit about Heather's online shop, it's super cool for crafters & handmade enthusiasts! There are 600+ how-to's, tutorials, patterns, supplies & more in her virtual "artisan's emporium!" We're talking buttons, fabric, hair accessories...32 pages of fun....WOW!! And all super reasonably priced, too. The pictures in this post is just a tiny sampling of all that Heather has to offer. If you love creating, especially for holiday gift-giving, please check Heather out...and help a Highlander in the process! ;)

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