Friday, May 16, 2008

Renee at DecorateTheDiva Has Something to Share!

From Renee's DecorateTheDiva online jewelry boutique:

"I’ve been in the business of making women happy with my jewelry for several years, and this is what inspires me most. Using my talents to do something I love is a privilege. Seeing you wear my jewelry is an honor. I hope that you find something you like because every woman deserves to “Decorate the Diva”!"

She continues....
"Tagua Nut Information
What do African elephants and the South American rain forest have in common? They are both being eliminated from the face of the earth at an alarming rate. During the past three decades, poachers in search of ivory tusks have decimated large populations of African elephants, some by as much as 50 percent. Bans on international trade of elephant ivory have discouraged the slaughter of elephants, but the demand for polished ivory has pushed the world's largest living land animal to the brink of extinction. Across the Atlantic Ocean, in a land that was once connected to the African continent, another kind of massacre is happening to the rain forest. In Central and South America this destruction amounts to about 50 acres per minute, an area roughly the size of West Virginia each year. Slash and burn agriculture is directly responsible for the extermination of hundreds of plant and animal species each year, largely for plantations of exportable products such as fast-growing pines, rubber, bananas, coffee and cattle. However, there is a glimmer of hope in this modern day battlefield of people against nature: A lovely Amazonian palm might help to save its rain forest relatives and the African elephant. A TAGUA NUT is a seed that comes from the Tagua palm tree (also called ivory nut palm) (Phytelephas Aequatorialis) in Ecuador, South America. The nut becomes as hard as ivory (takes a hacksaw to cut) and can be carved. Natives who raise these trees do not cut down the rain forests anymore because these trees are now a source of income. These nuts are hand carved and accented with inlaid wood, tagua shell powder, coconut powder and coconut shell. The caramel colored pieces have been briefly deep fried to achieve this color. Often a small spot of brown nut is left on an otherwise all white carving so it is not mistaken for elephant ivory by customs officials. The little brown Tagua nut has many advantages over mammal ivory, becoming popular enough to stand on its own. Tagua nuts can be grown and harvested economically, and so art and other items made from Tagua nut are reasonably priced, meaning more people can enjoy their beauty and durability. Tagua nuts are a resource that seems to benefit just about everyone!"

See, I didn't know that! I've included two pictures here of necklaces made from taqua, which are currently available in Renee's online jewelry boutique. Won't you help such a giving person out by clicking on each item in the treasury she put together today? That will increase the chances that this very worthy collection will make Etsy's home page, a huge honor. The treasury is called "Everything's Dipped in Chocolate!" and features chocolate-colored items that would make great gifts for men, whether it be for Fathers Day or anytime! Thanks so much, Renee, for including my Caramel Mocha Dark Chocolate Brown Handknit Scarf, Unisex for Men or Women. Please hurry, the treasury is only viewable (and clickable!) through Sunday. Oh, and when you're done here, please hop on over to Renee's blog--thanks!

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