Monday, May 12, 2008

Lucky Girl Trading Makes this My Lucky Day!

Lucky Girl Trading has included my Animal Print Black n Tan Long Skinny Boa Handknit Scarf in her latest treasury of items she's like to have!

Normally, I like to compose a bit of a write-up about the artists I feature here. In Lucky Girl's case, however, I think her profile says it all:

"In the spring of 2001 I was overwhelmed by sadness and huge piles of clutter. My marriage was in the midst of a very ugly ending, and he had left tons of his stuff behind. I suddenly realized that I was a very lucky girl to be rid of him, and Lucky Girl Trading Company was born. I began listing his stuff for sale on eBay, clearing away both the clutter and the sadness. A few years later I met my lucky guy--who was selling a bit of jewelry--and married him in a hot air balloon ceremony in 2006. We've worked together to build Lucky Girl Trading into a fun and fulfilling enterprise. I've also discovered working with glass--one of my all-time favorite creative outlets. I've also discovered two ancient arts: Kumihimo and Temari. Both are centuries-old crafts, and both give me a zen-like tranquility while working.

I truly am a Lucky Girl! Every day I gather pretty, sparkly things and send them to people. I imagine a person opening their mail and taking out their new pendant or chain or pouch. It's perfect--they have a huge smile on their face--and so do I. I'd love for that person to be you!

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Thanks again for spreading that luck around, Lucky Girl!

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Lucky Girl said...

Oh, WOW--what a terrific surprise to find my work featured here!!! Thank you!