Thursday, May 22, 2008

Brooke is a Treasure "Trove!"

Brooke of TroveDesigns has just posted what I think is the most original treasury idea, ever! Etsy treasuries are collections of 12 items for sale on Etsy. It's something of a feat getting one of the available Etsy slots, let alone making it interesting! There are treasuries based on color themes (red, blue, etc), treasuries based on item themes (moustaches, angels--anything!), and then there's Brooke's unique idea: the Top 12 available items in her "favorites" list on Etsy!

You see, any member of Etsy (it's free to join this online, handmade buying/selling venue) can add items or shops to their favorites list. The "Etsy lingo" for this is "hearting" an item or shop.

I was lucky enough to have Brooke "heart" my Shades of Silver, Soft Grey or Gray Unisex Handknit Scarf for All Seasons, Year Round Wear recently, so I'm in her treasury! Brooke, thanks a bunch for giving me an excuse to promote you here. You're not only a customer, you're also becoming a friend. I'm so glad we met on the Etsy forums! :)

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LazyTcrochet said...

Very pretty! I love that ring.