Monday, May 26, 2008

Valiant Valerie Leaves Me Speechless...

I've been procrastinating for over an hour on writing this post because I so want to do justice to how special Valerie of the future etsy online gallery mistflowerstudio truly is. Valerie's BaileySue shop on Etsy isn't open yet, so please check her out at her current Mist Flower online studio, featuring mosaics, paintings & more.

Valerie was up all night last night, as she is so many nights. You see, she devotes herself as a volunteer to Catahoula United Rescue Society (C.U.R.S.) to help homeless dogs find loving, permanent homes with adoptive families. Just two irresistible examples from the C.U.R.S. website:

"Sarah was pulled from a high kill shelter in AL along with her 7 puppies. She was an excellent young mother and now it's time for her to enjoy the good life."

"Teddi is approximately 1YO. He gets along well with cats and dogs and loves to run around and play?"

I can see why she finds these precious, innocent dogs in need so compelling!

Amazingly enough, Valerie has even found time to put together a very special surprise for me: She's built an entire Treasury around my Carnival Circus Clown Yellow Orange Brown Black Turquoise Blue Aqua Handknit Gift Scarf, which has never happened to me before! Thank you, Valerie, you're a hero in so many ways. I can hardly wait to get to know you better; with all that good karma, you're bound for Etsy success! :)

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