Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to Add Cr8tivity Scrolling Etsy Shopping Cart to Blog; Step by Step Instructions Tutorial

There's a new widget for our blogs from that creates a scrolling "Buy" shopping cart direct to our Etsy shop (see the "3 Product" widget at upper right)! Here's a step by step instruction tutorial on how I placed this scrolling photo shopping cart on my blog, Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves:

I went to

I typed in my etsy shop username into the white field and hit the "helpers" button

I clicked "Widgets" in black font at upper left of screen

I clicked "3 Product" to have 3 items shown at a time (choose how many products you would like to see displayed on your own blog)

I placed my cursor in the "Original Version" text field and hit Ctrl + A at the same time on my keyboard to highlight all of the text in that field.

Then I hit Ctrl + C at the same time to copy that text

Then I went to my blog and logged in (I use blogger/blogspot)

I clicked "Layout" and then clicked "Add a Gadget"

I clicked the "+" sign next to "HTML/JavaScript and a new field appeared

I placed my cursor in the Content field and hit Ctrl + V at the same time on my keyboard to paste in the coding I had copied from the Cr8tivity site.

I added a Title (Shop with Crickets) and clicked to "Save"

I THEN (very important, all your work will be lost without this last step!) clicked the orange "Save" button on the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" page

Then I clicked to "View Blog" to make sure I did it all correctly. :)

Lastly, a made a donation to Troy at as a thank you!

Hope this is helpful for your Etsy online shops and blogs,
Celeste (Crickets)


Crickets Creations: Handcrafted Fashion Accessory Scarves and Fringies Professional Photo Portrait Props said...

If you like this info, please leave a comment for others to see! :)
Thank you,
Celeste (Crickets)

Joyce said...

awesome!! thanks for sharing!!!

Sue said...

I hadn't seen this widget before - thank you!! I've already got it installed.

Som's Studio said...

Thank you so much, I just installed it, works great!

circlelinestudio said...

Great Tutorial! Thank you so much for taking the time to share.


Julia K Walton - Fire Horse Textiles said...

Thanks for sharing this with everyone, Celeste - it looks very useful :D

stitchntyme said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I wasn't aware this widget existed. I have installed it. It's awesome!

D. Lindsey said...

Tweeted this post! Thanks for sharing! :)

Unknown said...

Thnaks for adding the info, it's a fab site and a very handy tool indeed!

BlueBoxStudio said...

Thanks for sharing. That was easier to do than I imagined!

Crystal said...

Thank so much for posting this in the forums. Your a sweetheart!

Unknown said...

This is incredible! Thanks so much for sharing! I set it up and then donated, how awesome!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Thanks for featuring this Celeste!

Debs Crochet said...

Thanks so much. I've been looking for a tool like this. You made it so easy, even I could do it-LOL
I did have to keep searching a few times for my shop name before it would "grab" it. Just FYI in case anyone else gets a message shop name not found.

KD Bead said...

I think a lot of people will find this very useful; I will post a link to your blog on my FB page

Crickets Creations: Handcrafted Fashion Accessory Scarves and Fringies Professional Photo Portrait Props said...

Great! Thanks so much for your support, everyone! :)

MissBettyLou said...

Thanks so much! This is a nice addition to my blog.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! I tried this out, I thought it would add a header like the one you have but it added a side bar instead, did I do it wrong?

Crickets Creations: Handcrafted Fashion Accessory Scarves and Fringies Professional Photo Portrait Props said...

Dear Janel,

I apologize for the confusion; the header and footer on my blog are of a blinking ad ("blinkie") that I hired someone to make for me. The free widget is the one on the sidebar that scrolls through our shops and takes clickers directly to checkout. :)
Celeste (Crickets)

Anonymous said...

Celeste thank you for the reply! I get it now! I love the blinkie!