Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Fetish Confession

Those who know me well will concur that I adore nature, being outdoors, simple living, responsible choices, etc.

Those who know me really, really well could also tell you (but they won't because those who are allowed into my inner circle keep my secrets so well!) that I adore plastic. Especially the types of plastics that I remember from being a little girl...colorful, or fun, or with a "little world" inside them.

So, it is with absolute delight that today I feature the resin (aka plastic) designs of EverythingsBlue! Like me, this designer is a jumble of enthusiasm for both the synthetic and the unprocessed (from her artist profile on Etsy, your place to buy & sell all things handmade):

"*About Me*
I love music, yoga, running, road trips, camping, almost anything outdoors!...I love to shop on Etsy too! I love nautical themed items, starfish, shells, sand, beachy stuff and anything to do with water or the ocean!...

...I make resin jewelry. It's my instant gratification craft that I adore to no end. I love that I can embed just about anything into a piece of plastic and there it stays forever! I'm learning more about resin every time I make a new batch of jewelry!"

Resin...ah...It's like nearly instant amber...anything can be quickly ensconsed forever, untouchably nostalgic, ethereal, so close, yet just out of reach...can ya blame me? ;) And EverythingsBlue's pieces are just perfect for reminding me of all that I find magical about plastic. Thanks for sharing your world with us!

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