Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swept Away by SweptFromTheSea!

Did you know that there different types of sea glass and that some is better quality? Here's an explanation from Swept From The Sea Designs in Victoria, B.C.:

Authentic sea glass (seaglass) / beach glass (beachglass) is broken glass (bottles, etc.) from shipwrecks, boats or people onshore that for one reason or another has found it's way into the water. Most sea glass is from the early 19th and 20th centuries and can be found along the shorelines of oceans, lakes and rivers. It is tumbled smooth over time (years, decades, maybe even centuries...) and develops a lovely frosted patina from the action of water (waves, currents) against the sand. These colorful jewels are becoming more rare, as the use of plastic and recycling increases.

There are many different colours of sea/beach glass, that range from very common to extremely rare.
White, Sprite Green, Rootbeer Brown, Brown
Seafoam, Light Green, Lime Green, Forest Green, Olive Green
Pink, Lavender, Light Blue, Cornflower Blue, Cobalt Blue, Citron, Opaque White
Yellow, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Teal, Gray, Black

All my designs contain eco-friendly sea glass (seaglass) / beach glass (beachglass) that is handpicked from along the rugged shores of the Pacific Ocean in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia CANADA.

Authentic sea glass has a beautiful frosted patina that only mother nature can create. I use only the highest quality glass that I find; it is rounded with no sharp, jagged edges. For sea glass to become this polished it takes decades."

As a huge fan of sea glass (it's such a thrill to find a piece on the beach!) it's my pleasure and honor to feature such a discriminating artist today.

The pictures shown above are all from Swept From the Sea Designs' gorgeous shop, and you can see Swept's treasury (thanks for including my Sugar Plum Fairy Handknit, See Through Scarf through Saturday!

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Moonchild Dancing! said...

So beautiful! I have been looking for the beautiful seaglass lately along the beaches. LOVE it!