Monday, July 14, 2008

Shirley Invites Us In to UniqueDesigns39!

You won't want to miss UniqueDesigns39's Shop Announcement!

"Hi! I'm Shirley, and that's my husband Larry with me.

This is a joint effort with myself and my husband. I do all the designing and creating of the jewelry and Larry does the computor work getting the site working and adding my new items to the store.
We work well together, I think.

I use mostly Swarovski crystal, Glass beads, Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil and Gold filled components for my jewelry. I want it to be beautiful and also to last."

Now, when I read those words, and see the beautiful jewelry (shown in this post) in Shirley's shop, I feel like, "This is a family & studio I would like to see more of!" What a positive & welcome message!

Lately, Shirley's been including my scarves in several of her treasuries (such as the bleu, blanc et rouge design shown below)...and each time she includes my good friends Meagan and Ellen!

Coincidence? Another friend in the making? Only time will tell!

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Ellen said...

It's great to get to know a bit more about Shirley and her husband! What a team!