Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Havin' Fun with RetroAlchemist!

So, yeah...I'm a color junkie: "Hi, my name's Celeste & I'm an addict, I've been clean & sober for 0 days now...."

Imagine my delight at discovering RetroAlchemist's bright, cheerful and decidedly fun artwork in her online gallery!

I especially love owls...

...and kitties!
Here's what RetroAlchemist's shop announcement says:

"Come on in and meet the Robots, Bunny-Bots, Cupcake-Bots, Bow-Wow-Bots, and Meow-Bots! They would never destroy anything (much less an entire planet), but they might melt your heart with their with their whimsical wonderfulness:-)

Besides Bots you'll find lots of kittens doing what they do best (being cute), some cheery bluebirds and redbirds, an owl or two, a mermaid, a clown, and an Invitation to a Party hosted by Augustus Caterpillar III. Hope you'll meet us under the Red Polka Dot Mushrooms!"

Imagine my delight at discovering that RetroAlchemist included my Orange & Pink See Through Lightweight scarf for summer in their latest smile treasury! What an honor. :)

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