Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tan Elegancia de VintageFiligree

I'm always looking for an excuse to use the phrase "tan elegancia" from one of my favorite movies, Como Aqua Para Chocolat (Like Water for Chocolate). It's such fun to say and so old fashioned in a romantic way.

And now, VintageFiligree has given me that excuse with her new, ornate, treasury collection reminiscent of victoriana, called, simply, Elegance.

As a thank you for including my See Through Hot Pink Sparkle Handknit Scarf, I've featured just a few of her gorgeous pieces here today. But, please, go ahead, feel free to examine every intricate, captivating piece in her online jewelry boutique. I assure you, each is of the same remarkable quality as the next. Mmmmmmm.....


Anonymous said...

Dear Celeste,

It's such an honor for us to be featured in your wonderful blog as well as having you in our treasury!

This blog is gorgeous...your choices and presentations are stunning and show off your great talent so elegantly. "Tan Elegancia" as you would say :)

Thank you and a million stars for you,
Pura and Gina

Peascod said...

These pieces are extraordinary. I am so drawn to them. Thanks for introducing us to this talented designer.