Friday, August 22, 2008

Hurray for Shay!

So, yesterday I noticed that among my hearts on Etsy was a SimplyShay.

Curious, I clicked on SimplyShay's icon, which opened her profile. I read that SimplyShay will be opening soon, and that Shay's other shop is SimplyDoodles. Okay, cool, interesting.

And then, this morning, I'm perusing the treasuries and find this gorgeous Chocolate Mint collection by ShayDaun. Curious again, I click to open her profile, where she encourages visitors to check out her mom's store, Designing It jewelry. It's the same Shay! (Please ignore the corny joke I almost just made about Six Degrees of Shay) That family that sells together, stays together, right?

Where else to find Shay (this woman is everywhere!):

flickr group
flickr profile

All pictures in this blog are from Shay's SimplyDoodles shop, except for my Chocolate Mint Handknit Green n Brown Scarf. It's at the bottom of this page (thanks, Shay, for including it in your Chocolate Mint treasury).

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