Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thanks for the banner, KarmelDesign!

Karmel at put some bling in my banner as a favor to me--thank you, Karmel!

You see, I'm not exactly a photo editing software whiz...Karmel put font in my banner at in no time flat--she was so professional and quick and friendly, too. I would definitely recommend KarmelDesign for Etsy banners or any kind of graphic design work. She does professional photo collages of your family pics & much more! Please check this amazingly talented lady out!

The picture above is just one sample of what she can can visit for more!

Thanks, Karmel. :)


cricket said...

I just found your blog on an etsy forum. I just think it is funny how we both used cricket in our shop name. The funniest part is that my name is also Celeste. I know of very few people with that name.

Mary Ann Archibald said...

Nice blog! Happy Etsying. :)