Monday, October 13, 2008

What's to Love About Iris??

I have writer's block when it comes to writing about Iris of Brown Bunny by Iris, due to her utter fabulousness! Look at these amazing hats that she designs and creates herself!

AND, not only is Iris my favorite flower, I named my beloved childhood cat Iris.

Iris is so smart, too--when she creates a treasury, she puts "families" of Etsy sellers together who know one another. How does she keep track of it all?!

For example, in her latest Pretty Ones collection, she's included my Solid Gold Yellow Sunshine Handknit Scarf alongside my friend Valerie's mosaic flower pinback buttons and our mutual buddy Jill's Golden Autumn Browns Charm Style Bracelet! How did Iris even KNOW we were a trio of pals? What an amazing designer and an even more amazing person. Thanks, Iris, you're a blessing to us all!


Uneekdolldesigns said...

Wow! These hats are really unique! Love the style and the colors and patterns! Thank you for sharing!

(And thank you for the kind comment also, Cricket!)wthcfc

l'actrice said...

I'm finally member and can comment!

I say THANK YOU CRICKET for such a nice presentation of my hat store! You totally rock! I love your scarves. Yours are the best on etsy! Iris