Sunday, October 19, 2008

I have a fascination with...

...photographs from days gone by. I have even collected old photographs of people and places I knew nothing about. I can stare at an old photograph for hours, trying to imagine if the photo was realistic (if some of the reality had been lost in translation), wondering how it felt to be there, discerning details such as temperature and time of day.

What a pleasure it's been to discover, then, Marianne of Clancy's Classics. I really think that Marianne's Etsy shop announcement explains her work & vision best:

"Welcome to Clancy's Classics, offering art prints and cards from original photographic glass negatives, my original polaroid transfers and my collection of fine art vintage photographs.

I have been collecting glass negatives ranging in size from 2X3 inches to 8X10 inches for many years. I have traversed the globe to find images printed on glass which I then scan and tint and make into wonderful prints for framing and cards to send, keep or frame.
MY polaroid transfers were created from 1970-2004 and I have really started to feel re-invigorated and stunned by the subtle colors and hues that these images have.
I will offer them as cards and prints.
I also have a large collection of images from the 1910s and 20s. I call them Americana Snapshots.

I have recently decided to offer some of my original vintage images as I have boxes of them everywhere and some are really wonderful for collage or altered books or a myriad of art projects and expressions..or if you are a purest.. just for the love of the vintage image itself...

Each photograph has a story and I love trying to figure that story out.. I think that mystery is what has kept me in my great joy and love of the vintage image! Also my dad was always carrying around a camera with slide film or movie film in it so our large family of 11 couldn't go anywhere without a few photos for the memory. I think I have loved photos of any kind all my life and I just can't stop myself! Thanks dad!!

I love them all and hope you will too!"

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maclancy said...

you meet the nicest people on etsy! I featured Cricket in my latest treasury Peace Dove and she is so talented and so creative that I want to say thanks so much for this feature.. I am so honored and hope to be able to get a cricket scarf one of these cold days.. today is still a wonderful 71 degrees in Sedona.. please visit her store as well.. she is talented has a wonderful eye for color and very prolific!! thanks again Cricket!!!! Marianne Clancy