Tuesday, October 21, 2008

From Denmark, with Love!

This post is set to the tune of Tom Jones InterNATional, baby! :)

Yesterday, the extremely talented Lisa Astrup sent me a note all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark! She's blogged about me in her Me & My Jewelry blog...in DANISH! How cool is that?! I feel sooo cosmopolitan!

And guess what? Like me, Lisa ships her handmade creations (some are pictured here) worldwide! She charges only $4 USD (United States Dollars) to ship the first piece of jewelry anywhere in the world, $2 each for additional items. Wowza!

I especially enjoy how she photographs her pieces with the tools that helped her handcraft each piece. I feel like if a ring or necklace can handle being hammered or plied, it's meant to be USED & ENJOYED in "real life." Wouldn't you agree?


Lisa Astrup said...

Hi Celeste.

Thanks for the lovely blog about me and my handforget jewelry :)


Stitch and Wick said...

Lovely pieces and unique photography!! Well done!