Friday, April 25, 2008

Sunshine & Citrus from RegalBeads!

Orange is my favorite color; so I especially love this gorgeous, beaded bracelet from Besides, I tried my hand at beading in a grade school elective--which was just enough learnin' to convince me to leave beading to the pros like RegalBeads!

Now, I know the picture of RegalBeads' work above is a bracelet, but I like to pretend it's a juicy, kumquat crown! The image above is also RegalBeads' avatar (small picture that appears whenever she posts in the forums at, and I always love to see it and her positive, encouraging forum posts!

Like me, RegalBeads likes citrus-y images that match her optimism and sense of fun, and she's created a treasury full of yellows and oranges, at through Saturday. Thanks for including my new Yellow and Orange Summer Sunshine Handknit Scarf, Regal! :)


Kim said...

oh wow, thank you!!

Melody Marie Murray said...

I love Kim's beadwork too, it's great to see her featured on your blog. Your scarves are beautiful!

Ellen said...

Great feature! I'll be checking back often, I'm sure!