Friday, February 22, 2008

Perfectly Periwinkle!

Amethyst if February's Birthstone! To go with the purple theme of February, has created a periwinkle themed treasury, featuring my Sea Colors Purples Greens Blues Handknit Scarf for February Amethyst Birthstone Birthday Present (pictured above):

The treasury expires Sunday, so please hurry and go look at this pretty, fresh collection of periwinkle items!

It's funny because something (intuition??) made me make another one of those Sea Colors scarves last night (I had sold the one I had the week before)...I'm ready for someone to snatch it up! ;)

Thanks so much, BecomingJewelry! Please take a moment to check out the delicate, feminine and classy jewelry offered at (you can see one picture, above).

Celeste (Crickets)

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