Friday, February 15, 2008

Vegan Pride!

I don't usually "act all fanatical" and all, but those who get to know me well eventually find out that I'm a longtime vegan. Which means that the scarves that I design, knit or crochet and sell are vegan, too. In other words, I use only soft, cruelty free, designer, vintage or novelty yarns; no silk, allergenic wool/mohair or any other animal fibers.

There are plenty of other folks who have a shop on Etsy who are vegan and only sell vegan products. We recently formed a team to celebrate Vegan Etsy and help fellow vegans support vegan business. You can find out more about Vegan Etsy at and

One of the ways that we promote one another is by curating "treasuries" of items offered for sale on Etsy by fellow Vegan Etsy members. Many thanks to for featuring my Cranberry Bing Cherry scarf front and center in her treasury of all vegan work, by vegans, at

Folks, you've got to check out her cool shop (clay, critters & copper)! What fun (I've included a pic of her polymer clay roses above, I think they'd be lovely with my Southern Peach scarf, also pictured)

This is the very first Vegan Etsy treasury, and will be available for viewing until Sunday, 7:10 pm (February 17).

Thanks, everyone, for your support!
Celeste (Crickets)

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Unknown said...

I LOVE, LOVE your new layout. It is awesome!
Thanks for the referral about the ear cozies. She not only left great feedback, she also thanked me unexspectly in a forum thread! Did I say how much I LOVE your new layout!