Wednesday, February 27, 2008

LSKCrochet, I'm Glad to Know You!

When I first started out at, sales were a little slow and I liked to joke that I was making more friends than money. was one such friend whom I'm so glad I "met" on We've chatted in the forums at Etsy (it's a blast, won't you join us sometime?). We added one another's shops to our favorites (On Etsy, it's called "hearting" someone else's shop). We've shared many a friendly convo (short for "conversation"). And we've added one another as contacts on (hers is and mine is In other words, we've helped one another out in whatever friendly way we could, helping to promote our online "fiber art" shops on Etsy. It's been especially fun because she's a crochet artist and most of my scarves are made by knitting (the fun hat above is just one of her beautiful and varied creations). There's plenty of room for everyone to succeed! :)

One day I saw a forum post on Etsy by someone looking for ear warmers to snuggle their ears. Knowing how talented, creative and wide-ranging LSKCrochet's skills were, I convo'd her right away to let her know that I'd posted in the forum recommending her work. She got the job! ;) I was so glad to be able to "give back" because she had even given me advice on how to set up this blog.

Now, LSKCrochet's having a birthday next week (Happy 30th!!!) and created a treasury of things she'd like for her birthday...she's really gone above and beyond in niceness and included my Teal Aquamarine Turquoise n Hints of Purples Handknit Scarf in her "wish list."

LSKCrochet, I'm honored to be your Etsy pal. :)
Celeste (Crickets)


Unknown said...

That is by far the nicest and most memorable etsy exsperience that I have ever had. You mean there are really genuine people out there. You have been truley a blessing to my etsy experience! This is takinhg PIF ( Paying it Forward ) to a whole nother level! Thanks for being a great etsy friend!

High Desert Diva said...

Thanks for the referral to LSK...I love the ear warmers!

Moonchild Dancing! said...

You've got a friend in me too Cricket! I love your shop and what a fun blog! :) Peace chicky! :)