Saturday, June 28, 2014

Custom Wedding Ideas, my Specialty!

 It took me a while to find the love of my life.  Nicholas is my cheerleader, my personal chef and my stand up, in home comic when I need a giggle. He also challenges me to be my best self and did you know that it was with his encouragement that I started Crickets' Creations?

He planned ALL the details of our wedding while I was busy knit-knit-knitting; all I had to do was show up for the second happiest day of my life (the happiest was when he proposed)!  Would you like to see photos and read more from our pink and green 2009 wedding? Please click here!

Our wedding meant so much to us and that is why it touches my heart to be asked to make anything wedding related, such as a custom throw blanket in the bride and groom's wedding or home colors, such as the this surprise gift for Chris' daughter to go with a personalized, engraved bench:
wedding gift throw
Or this stunning beauty (orange is my favorite color!!!):  An extra wide shawl wrap for Sherry to wear during her fall vows (her gown is ivory with bronze "fall leaf" colored trim and she'll be wearing fall jewel toned flowers in her hair)!!!!!!!!  I simply did not use enough exclamation points to fully describe my happiness, lol:
Orange wedding wrap
After Sherry placed her order, I sent her yarn samples in the mail of various "safe" colors along with what I really wanted her to use, which was daring ORANGE with other fall jewel tones such as purple and green! ;) 

I did a happy dance when I received her note:

"Well I was sure I was going to do the typical boring light ivory to match my dress with just a hint of color. So not me at all.

Then...I saw the color samples in those beautiful rich colors. I can't help myself I have to go with the rustic fall wow. This means (no pressure) that your creation will be the focal draw of my big day outfit. I am very excited with the colors and your skills and... IT'S ORANGE!

I can't stop smiling. I know this shawl is going to be amazing and absolutely reflect my inner self. YEAH!!!"

To me, that's what it's all about; creating something that will be special, unique and reflect the personality and preferences of the bride and groom.  A huge sigh of gratitude from me to all who have entrusted me to help bring to life a once-in-a-lifetime wedding gift or accessory.
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