Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm not giving up! :)

Lately I've felt a little discouraged due to some email delivery challenges that are happening. 

For example, the last email that I sent was rejected by AOL, which means that my VIPs with AOL accounts never saw my message.  And gmail is now filing a lot of emails away into folders automatically, where people might not think to check.

So I've been quiet and reluctant to send email updates. It's not as fun if I know a bunch of you are going to be left out!  But, you know what?

I've decided that being a quitter is no way to be!  There are still plenty of folks with Yahoo! or other email addresses.  And I am going to honor my commitment to stay in touch, obstacles or no obstacles!

So this time it's just a simple hello, and a sweet little photo collage showing a beautiful, expecting mother (hi, Bri!) posing with my purple Belly 2 Baby™ wrap (also available in beige, raspberry red and light pink) ... and later, the same wrap used to swaddle her new baby girl during first week portraits! It makes a nice connector between the two portraits, would you agree? :)
Belly 2 Babywrap in purple
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