Saturday, July 5, 2014

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Woo hoooooo!  I have been wanting the perfect, soft, strong, lasting and colorfast grey yarns with which to make throw blankets for ... well, for as long as I've been making throw blankets!

And finally there are not one, but FOUR shades of grey now available!  Of course I had to buy a few of each.  ;)  Here's a sampling:
New grey throw blanket yarns
Starting in upper left and moving clockwise they are: Charcoal Heather, Clay Solid, Medium Grey Heather and Light Grey Heather
I am especially looking forward to making a pink and grey throw!  Oh, and a yellow and grey throw!  And teal and grey are so pretty together ... purple and grey is a modern combo .... I'm on fire with ideas! What would YOU like to see?  Maybe ALL greys??

Which leads me to an exciting announcement:  Before whenever I've had a new item or color choice to share, I've maybe posted it on facebook and a few of you might have seen it by chance.

Well, how would you like be GUARANTEED to always be in the know whenever I have a new product or exciting new material, without depending on facebook? Interested?

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Thank you for your time and interest ... and here's to your wonderful summer!
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