Sunday, June 8, 2008

You've met Anne of Green Gables, but do you know Anne of Ennadoolf?

Anne from ennadoolf has so much to offer in her online Etsy shop! Here's her shop announcement:

Welcome to my shop!
~ Topsy Turvy dolls ~ Corking/Knitting Spool sets ~ Barbie clothes ~ Knitting ~ Photography ~

She actually has even more than that (like vintage patterns!); today I wanted to highlight her fun, fantastic Barbie clothes (in the pictures here)!

Anne's a real team player, too! We're both members of EtsyKnitters, a virtual knitting circle, and she made our team an It's Coming! IT'S COMING! treasury including my Violet Purple, Teal Aqua Turquoise, Blue-Green Handknit Boa Scarf to build excitement because....June 14 is WWKIPD! What's WWKIPD, you ask? Click here to find out! Anne, thanks; you're the tops!:)

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64th Guides said...

Thanks so much Celeste!

Did you know that Anne of Ennadoolf just LOVES Anne of Green Gables! lol

Anne (posting from the 64th account)