Thursday, January 24, 2008

South Lake Tahoe Welcomes Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves!

Woo hoo! All that pit-in-my-stomach, nail-biting cold-calling to retailers paid off...Kimmie, owner of High Chaparral in South Lake Tahoe, California, placed a first-time order for 12 scarves earlier this week! Thanks, Kimmie, you've been so fun and professional!

Now, she wants them before ski season ends, which means I had to put the pedal to the metal! I had 4 scarves on hand that would fit well in her natural clothing quickly could I crank out another 8 and still keep to my high standards of workmanship?? I talked to her early afternoon Tuesday. Now, the complication: Monday I called new-to-Crickets retailer ReJoyce in Big Bear Lake just to confirm she's rec'd my first shipment of scarves I'd send the week before. Yes, she got them and only had a few left--could I please send SIX MORE right away?? Gulp.

Fast forward to Tuesday. Even with having a few on hand, I still have one more scarf to finish for ReJoyce. High Chaparral orders twelve. Tuesday I complete ReJoyce's order and finish 3 of the 8 scarves I need to make for High Chaparral.

My normal absolute record is 3.5 scarves made in one day, and that's on the weekend with no job to go to. Could I make 5 scarves in one evening in order to get High Chaparral's order to them asap?? YES! Last night I had a scarf marathon with a new personal record of 5 gorgeous scarves in one evening! Their order went out in the mail today.

You can see here three of the scarves I designed just last night--I have enough yarn to make more of the scarves shown, available at Okay, who wants to place their orders now? I'm ready! ;)

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babyleila said...

They look so luxurious! I suppose I don't knit because it takes me about 2 months to knit a scarf and a year to knit a baby sweater. 5 in one evening! Wow!