Thursday, September 12, 2013

For Boys: New Baby Blanket Colors! :)

Hello, how are you?  Today I'm very excited to announce a new color combination and a special price for my MacroPelt™ chunky knit, super plushy baby prop blanket! 

The new color mix is a stormy blue-grey and a spruce green together for a calming blend that reminds me of Yosemite National Park (it's actually a bit deeper than in my snapshots below...hence the discount to make up for my amateur presentation): 
Chunky Knit Blanket Prop for Boys - SALE
To see modeled photos of other colors and to take advantage of the this-week-only discount on any thick, corded MacroPelt™, please click here

Oh and as always, it's FREE SHIPPING for US orders over $200 at ;) 

Thank you for letting me share my latest news with you and I hope that you're gearing up for a wonderful weekend! 
Celeste (Crickets)
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