Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Prop Sets for 2013 to Share with You!

I'm so squiqqly-wiggly excited to share these new "Ribbon-Weave" prop sets with you!  
Blue/Ivory Ribbon Blanket
First of all, a giant, "THANK YOU!" to my friend and photographer Michelle Federkeil for creating these modeled images so quickly with the new goodies!
Navy Multi Blanket and Hat
What you get with each matching set:
  1. Hand knit, lightweight ribbon layering blanket featuring four, special stitch patterns (two of which I came up with myself, they're some of my signature stitches that I've pulled out of my bag of tricks)!
  2. Braided, tieback headband (such as shown in the image below) that fits any size, age newborn to adult.
  3. My new, funky 'Sprig' hat in newborn size (such as shown in image above)
Navy Multi Headband
Here are the colors to choose from (clockwise from upper left are Blue/Ivory, Navy Multi, Purple/Grey/Black and Brown/Cream ~ headbands are shown on white balls of yarn):
New sets color choices
As a thank you for being a Crickets Community VIP, I'm giving you a running head start on these sets at almost one third off!  Please click the link below to get the exclusive deal before anyone else:

Order new "Ribbon-Weave" blanket with matching headband and "Sprig" hat

As ever, I'm eager to hear your feedback about these new props for baby; please do let me know what you think (I'm hoping they'll be a hit)! :)
Thank you all so much for being my "core" group of peeps with whom I can be dorky, creative self!  :)  {{hugs}} until next time!

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