Friday, September 19, 2008

Little Brown Bird Rocks My World!

Okay, so maaaaybeee I went a little overboard and put too many photographs of Little Brown Birds' jewelry in this blog post. Really, though...can you blame me? Look at the personality, the depth, the richness of each of these pieces.

Here's more info about Little Brown Bird's work, in the artist's own words:

"I am a proud member of the Jewelry on Etsy Team (JET). Search JETTEAM to find more wonderful items from JET members.

My art is not limited to any one medium. I love photography, writing, painting, singing, acting...I could go on and on. Still, my love for all things shiny keeps me happily engrossed in jewelry design. Every piece created is a product of a restless imagination.

I prefer to use semiprecious stones or interesting glass beads in my work and love to pair them with sterling and .999 Fine Silver, yet I will not overlook the aesthetic value of a beautiful bead or found object simply because it is a base metal. My style is ever changing and evolving. As a result, you will find a little bit of everything in my work. I don't believe in stifling my creative energy and will try my hand at just about anything.

I am an adventure seeker and traveler and always hungry to discover new things. I have been greatly influenced by my travels and the amazing people I have met along the way. Having zip-lined through the cloud forest canopies of Costa Rica, jumped off of a bridge into the Urubamba River in Peru, hiked the Andes to Machu Picchu, traveled Death Road in Bolivia, and driven the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago...I have learned that life is something to be embraced with all senses. I believe life and art hold the same truths...that it must not only be viewed, but heard, touched, smelled, and tasted with an open heart, an open mind, and always with an open-mouthed hearty guffaw.

I have a variety of collections to complement any style and price point for young girls to women. I will happily accept orders for custom sizing or a change in clasp or ear post/wire on any of my pieces.

My work has been featured on-line and at local boutiques. I welcome inquiries for wholesale opportunities at boutiques and galleries. Please contact me for details.

You are welcome to visit these other sites to view additional items not seen in my shop. All items are available for purchase unless otherwise noted.


And please stop by my In The Raw creative supplies shop which has just opened in January 2008.


Mary said...

Thank you so much for the feature! What a wonderful surprise!

Brenda said...

Beautiful jewelry!!!